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Thermo-Sorb 263 and Thermo-Sorb E, Intumescent Fireproofing




St. Louis, Missouri, Nov, 6 2017 – Carboline is pleased to announce the release of Thermo-Sorb 263 and Thermo-Sorb E. Thermo-Sorb 263 and Thermo-Sorb E are VOC compliant intumescent coatings. They provide a durable and decorative, fast drying fire protection solution for commercial and light industrial applications.


Thermo-Sorb 263 provides up to four hours of cellulosic fires protection for interior structural steel. While Thermo-Sorb E provides up to three hours of cellulosic fire protection for exterior structural steel.


“Both products are part of a LEED compliant system. Carboline continues to provide green options for owners, architects and operators around the world,” said Jim Rippe, Executive Vice President Fireproofing / Engineering Sales.


Thermo-Sorb 263 and Thermo-Sorb E have been tested and certified in accordance with ASTM E-119, UL 263 and CAN/ULC S 101-07 and is rated for exterior and interior use. The intumescent reaction and resulting char production slows the rise of steel temperature and allows it to maintain its strength for an extended period of time. This increases the time for safe evacuation of the occupants and protection of assets.


“In addition to providing functional coatings in a competitive industry, the fireproofing products we develop actually protect against loss of life by ensuring the integrity of the steel,” said Ed Taylor, Fireproofing Laboratory Manager. These solvent based intumescents offer a decorative finish as well as excellent resistance to high humidity, wet/freeze/thaw cycling, ultraviolet exposure, and atmospheric weathering.


“Thermo-Sorb 263 and Thermo-Sorb E can save our customers time and money by offering many benefits over water based systems; including low application temperatures, 4 hour recoat time and superior weatherability,” said Sean Younger, Senior Market Manager – Fireproofing.


The superior physical characteristics and a high quality finish make Thermo-Sorb 263 and Thermo-Sorb E the ideal fire protection solution for both exterior and interior exposure.


Thermo-Sorb 263

Thermo-Sorb E


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