Reactamine 5050

Reactamine 5050 is designed to be used with light weight solid surface fillers such as thermoplastic resins. This polymer provides excellent weatherability, color retention (UV stability), flexibility, water & abrasion resistance, and excellent solvent resistance. It is recommended to use Carboguard 1340 WB as a primer on concrete. After the Carboguard 1340 WB is dry to the touch, Reactamine 5050 should be applied with the desired solid surface filler, or vinyl flakes. Once the Reactamine H 5000 has cured, it is recommended that it be top-coated with Reactamine H SLR or Sanitile 985 PA.

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Features & Benefits

  • Breathable coating
  • May be applied with squeegee, roller or sprayer
  • Interior/exterior applications
  • Outstanding UV stability
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Infinite pot life