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Plasite 925MG

Plasite 925 MG is a caulking compound which is a two part system with a short pot life. Therefore, only that amount which can be applied during the specified pot life should be mixed at any time. Plasite 925 MG is used to fill, seal, patch and bond and is normally used in conjunction with Plasite coatings. Generally, Plasite 925 MG may be used in most dry environments and the vapor stages of vessels. The ingredients in Plasite 925 MG caulking compound meet the requirements of the U.S. Federal Register, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Title 21, Chapter 1, Par. 175.300. FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY.

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Plasite 925MG PDS English

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Plasite 925 MG MSDS - Part A English

Plasite 925 MG MSDS - Part B English

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy bodied
  • Quick set
  • Specially formulated for vertical surfaces
  • Becomes a hard surface when fully cured